Artisan Spirits Open House

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I met the Artisan Spirits Public Relations team at the Great American Distillers Festival in august, when Liz and Dan were in town doing their best to train for their Snake Whiskey future in the Far East. They stuck out for me for two reasons: first, their PR people were both quite cute and very well prepared, in contrast with the kilted volunteers around the room and the bearded distillers who were not quite easy on the eyes, and secondly, the Artisan Spirits vodkas were by far the most esoteric offerings at the festival. Vodka made from wine?  Vodka made from mead made from raspberry honey? Ridiculous!

Someone reminded me this past week that their Open House was this saturday, so My better half and I recruited budget gourmet Will and his better half to check out the operation and try some interesting booze.

The Apia vodka tastes quite sweet and has interesting smells to it; we decided it tasted quite a lot like Nigori Saké.  The Martin Ryan vodka tasted a bit like Grappa, but without the odd pungency that usually keeps the kids from stealing Grandpa’s Grappa to get their jollies.

There was a cash bar in the back of the space with some interesting looking cocktails.  We tried out two cocktails:

Carlyle: Apia Vodka, Aperol rinse, grapefruit twist

Harvest Moon: Martin Ryan vodka, Patrón Citrónge, fresh apple, fresh lime juice, rosemary sprig

I really enjoyed the Carlyle, but the muddled apple and rosemary in the Harvest Moon was more popular with the other drinkers with me.

Dave Knows and his friend Heather showed up, learned some stuff and took pictures, including the one I borrowed for this post.

Artisan Spirits
1227 SE Stark,
Portland, OR, 97214
Not normally open to the public.

Oh and that giant red/orange thing?  FULL OF WINE.  I wanted to jump on it sooooo badly!