Southern Barbarian-Yunnan food and Belgian beer?

I’ve heard whispers about Southern Barbarian since arriving in Shanghai, rumors about a stocked beer fridge hiding delicious favorites like Brother Thelonious and my now missed Rogue brews, innuendo about deep fried honey bees and Yunnan Goat Cheese. There have been more than one botched attempt to dine there.

Tucked away on the second floor in the back of a building on Jianxin lu (near Shaanxi lu), Southern Barbarian isn’t the most fetching location or atmosphere, though there are some interesting photographs adorning the flat white walls. The room has an unfinished feel to it, but it isn’t quite shabby. But I won’t lie to you: I got tunnel vision when I saw their beer fridge. Belgians, Trappists and Rogues Oh My! It didn’t take long for me to miss all the wonderful beer from Portland and the Northwest, but Southern Barbarian has A LOT OF GREAT BEER for sale, and at prices that, for China, are surprisingly reasonable.

I ordered up a Brother Thelonious while Girlie and our friend dug into some Krieks. While they chatted away I ordered whatever seemed interesting, and reasonably priced–the deep fried bees will have to wait, they were 75rmb. They had this fabled goat cheese in two forms: skilleted warm, and in a frico of sorts they called a fritter, with minted pea dip. The frico/pea preparation was fabulously good, and visually resembled tortilla chips and guacamole, which gave a fun dis-chord to the dish.

They serve other things at Southern Barbarian, including some great dumplings, but it’s worth a visit just for the Cheese and the Beer.