Barcamp Shanghai

the 2010 Barcamp Shanghai is happening this Saturday at the beautiful Net Circle offices on the shores of Suzhou creek, thanks mostly to the efforts of my co-conspirators, Vivian Pein, Scott Ballantyne and Calvin Chin.

I’ll be speaking for the first time, about how we are synchronizing JUCCCE’s digital strategy with our ambitious environmental projects.

I had the opportunity to join the organizing team for the first Barcamp Shanghai 2009, during the first Geeks on a Plane tour, and it was an amazing experience, even if all I really did was Capo the opening ceremonies.

That event was just a few months after we arrived in Shanghai, and just about exactly when I felt like I was settled a bit. The people I met at that barcamp have been amazing resources for starting my career here, and I have made it a priority to give back to the community. I helped organize another barcamp at XinDanWei in December, so this is #3 for me.

We’re going to have a kickin’ afterparty on WKShanghai‘s rooftop deck, and then I’m going to struggle to stay awake to watch the USMNT take on merry olde England. We beat ’em in 1776, we beat them in 1950. Maybe we’ll beat em again.