That is 李守旭 (Li Shouxu) 中国航空规划建设发展公司总规划师 (General Manager of CNNOC)

2010 JUCCCE Energy Forum

As part of my day job, I led a team of volunteers charged with A/V & Social Media outreach for the 2010 JUCCCE Energy Forum in Beijing on June 30th. I know, I know. I was waiting for the photos. Anyway, we had the opportunity to work with Brandigg — the esteemed Isaac Mao, Popo & Zuola, three of the most influential technologists in China — to create a live Social Media Wall (using twitter and Weibo). It was very, very cool. Technology like this is becoming more popular at US & European conferences, but we may have been the first to try it in Beijing.

李守旭 (Li Shouxu) 中国航空规划建设发展公司总规划师 (General Manager of CNNOC)
李守旭 (Li Shouxu) 中国航空规划建设发展公司总规划师 (Chief Planner, Aviation Industry Corporation of China)

My team shared insights, statistics and facts from the Forum presentations in Chinese and English. We heard government officials from around China speak about how their cities are tackling environmental issues. We also heard about the current and future state of conservation & green innovation in China, some ‘low hanging fruit’ (easy energy savings) still unpicked, and the unique and sometimes intimidating challenges that face China & the world. You can see many of the presentations on the JUCCCE Slideshare Account.

Our media wall was open to the crowd, and visible to the outside world, via hashtag but also a nifty little bit of rails code. We hoped that many participants would contribute their thoughts — we provided a platform to create an account & contribute from any mobile phone in case they were unfamiliar with the platform– but we only had one or two attendees contribute. However, thousands of people followed the twitterstream and visited our little dedicated site. Before the event I worried we would share too many tweets for one one account, but the JUCCCE account gained 200 followers during the event! Many of the Forum attendees like the wall as well, even if they didn’t choose to contribute.

Thank you, JUCCCE Social Media team, for all your amazing work!

JUCCCE Energy Forum Team: Humphrey Ng, Amy Zeng, Zuola, Lily Xu, Ning Wang
JUCCCE Energy Forum Team (L-R): Humphrey Ng, Amy Zeng, Zuola (from Brandigg), Me, Lily Xu, Ning Wang