Gulf of Mexico vs. Dalian

BP Oil rig Deepwater Horizon, which sounds a lot like a Bruce Willis movie co-starring Samuel EL Jackson, explodes and catches fire April 20th, 2010. BP Oil Spill photos BP Oil Spill photos

April 20th, 2010. As of this post, there is a response website, and some sort of prayer of a cap on the well. Tons of evil sounding damage control tactics have been snagged (or rumored); opportunistic punchlines have been produced. My favorite American city I’ve never visited, which was already so beaten & smacked around it is starring in a TV series about how downtrodden it is, has been smacked down again (plus hundreds of surrounding communities of humans, birds, fish, mammals and reptiles).

China, was a bit, well, shocked at the apathy of the governments and executives involved. Yacht races? 真的吗?Really? There was even funny satire about how China might cope with something similar. Here’s the audio version. Dalian Oil Spill photos

Well, BOOM.

There really isn’t any comparison in the events themselves, except for the spilled substance. Dalian’s spill and fire was land-based, BP’s is in deep water. Dalian’s started with the major threat to human life (a fire in a refinery/depot requiring more than 1100 firefighters). BP’s was far enough away that news helicopters couldn’t give it the OJ treatment. We can’t really compare and contrast the management of the ongoing Deepwater Horizon disaster and the Dalian fire/spill.
The Niger Delta continues to suffer spills that match the daily output of BP Deepwater Horizon every day, for years. Shell Oil Spill photos Shell Oil Spill photos

So what’s the common thread here? Oil and Tragedy.