Yunnan trip part 1: Lijiang

Yunnan has the cutest stray dogs ever. We spent our first 2 days in Lijiang, a visited tourist hub in Yunnan, and an ancient town.

Days 1-2

We’d been warned. We had. But we were still surprised at how much LiJiang was something of a Chinese Tourism Dystopia, with bad gift shops and yak jerky stands every 10 feet. Despite the overwhelming Chinese-ness, it reminded me of a cultural disaster closer to my home, Old Tucson Studios. No staged 12th century battles though.

The old city is beautiful, with outdoor plumbing and fresh water managed by small canals but the flat screens bolted to old city walls kinda ruined the mood (I refused to take a picture of them). We didn’t have any amazing food, but the few meals we took at the local vegetable market were the best (and of course, the cheapest)For me there were two highlights of Lijiang: Black Dragon Pool,
and old Mr. Wang, who taught me everything I now know about Pu’er tea… which isn’t much, but I now know it’s delicious.

The place was magical at night.

Up Next: part 2, Dali.