My Blogroll part 7: the Filter

I’ve been a heavy user of RSS since the beginning of feed readers, starting with netvibes, then on to bloglines, and for the past many years, Google Reader. In the right sidebar I have a closely curated list of my favorite websites, but those are by no means the totality of my blogroll. I’ve decided to share my blogroll, topic by topic, so people know which content I try to shove in my mind-grapes on a regular basis.

next up: Filter!!!

Work it, girl!
Work it, girl!

This bundle started with RSS feeds from Metafilter, a site to which I’ve been a proud paying member for 6 years (and a reader for years before). The sites here are the sites to which I pay pretty close attention. Some are old reliable sources of high quality journalism, some are quirky collections of internet detritus, some are the new wave of online ‘magazine’ or 2nd hand collections of the best writing from all of the above. This bundle is always full of stuff worth reading.

(If you’re reading this via RSS, click through to see the list!)

Thanks to google reader for the ‘bundle feature’ and making it so odd that I have to build tables to share this data. If you click through, you can add this ‘bundle’ to your RSS reader! As I release these posts, I add the each new blog category to the Complete Blogroll page, which live updates as I add and curate my “bundles”.

Am I missing a good site? Tell me in the comments!