Water Calligraphy in Shanghai on National Holiday

I spent my national holiday working and watching foursquare airport/vacation check-ins scroll by.

I did have a wonderful China moment, thanks to an old Shanghainese man in a Lynyrd Skynyrd Confederate Flag hat.

This guy, Skynyrd hat and all, was painting poetry and the odd revolutionary slogan on the slate tiles around The Center, a major building in the center of Shanghai.  Well, that’s what he said he was writing.  I can barely read signs, let alone proper artistic calligraphy.

I watched him ‘paint’ for a while, but the video I took is pretty boring.

Perhaps this is just the laowai talking, but I sure do like the hobbies and habits of retired Chinese. From the Qi Gong, Taichi and adult jungle gyms in the morning to the calligraphy, fan dancing, and boardgames in the daytime, then the night time ballroom dancing in the parks, there are always a group of retirees enjoying themselves.  It’s fun to see; someday soon my Chinese will be good enough to really engage and understand their stories. It sure is good practice.