next on portlandia: Star Wars LARPing at Ewok-world treehouse

I can only imagine the glee in the LARPing community for this tree-house ewok world just outside of Portland.  This is, however, no joke: the builder/operator is Michael Garnier, a world renowned treehouse constructor.  I want to spend some time in his Costa Rican treehouse. that looks awesome.


This reminds me of an early 90s/crystal pepsi era visit to the Dallas Arboretum for their ‘ultimate treehouse’ competition.  I was young, but it was magical.  There’s something extra special about being up in the trees.  But shower afterwards — sap is sticky.

I can’t mention trees and tree climbing without name dropping my college classmate and tree-climbing extraordinaire WIll Koomjian, his project Ascending the Heights, and their kickstarter funded documentary project Treeverse.

Spotted on nerdapproved, check out FairCompanies for some other cool sustainable architecture projects!