SF Express testing dronds for package delivery

Drones everywhere!

Drones are still super awesome platforms to play with (great for kids too!) but they also appear poised to destroy a lot of blue collar jobs.

SF Express testing drones for package delivery
SF Express testing drones for package delivery

First, we have Uber investing in driverless cars from Google.  We’ve really reached the luxury singularity if people are willing to pay 3x for a driverless car than for a non-unionized Taxi.  I hold out hope that some of these new “taxi apps” that are growing in Asia will help the existing taxi drivers keep going.  I know that the Taxi systems in most cities / countries are needlessly complex and often corrupt, but it bothers me that a Driverless experience will retail at a premium to human interaction (beyond the *wow* factor).

Next we have the South China Morning Post (via the Nanfang) talking about Chinese logistics company SF Express testing drones for short distance deliveries in Dongguan.  Intracity delivery services are huge business around the world and in China; from your friendly bike messengers to carrrier pigeons beating broadband, to metro systems being used for package logisitics, there are lots of fun intracity delivery solutions that are fast, cost effective and, occasionally, with hilarity.

But ultimately, all those blue collar, low wage logistics jobs will go robotic, which — and this is coming from a technologist — will have extraordinarily deleterious impact on the working classes around the world.