5 things I love on the internet, week of june 15th

  1. Volkswagen New Zealand just … well just click. It’s really good.
  2. The ad nerds at D&AD built an ad blocker, but instead of simply blocking the ads, they insert inspirational and excellent ads from their curated list of the ‘best of the best’.
  3. Buzzfeed’s Data team thinks they’ve cracked social sharing analytics. It’s a highly technical, but fascinating read.
  4. Google’s Advanced Tech and Projects team (ATAP) continue to create amazing things: Project Soli is an interaction sensor that could change everything, and Project Jacquard may be the first scalable advance in smart textiles and clothing. Why’d I say scalable? They already have apartnership with Levi’s.
  5. In China, rappers are dropping tracks criticizing authorities for cracking down on uber. It’s a pretty hot track