Last week’s links: July 27th edition

Too many links this week  — so let’s split this barrage of wonder into two categories

Stuff that’s vaguely professional

Lexus Australia built a car that glows based on the driver’s heartbeat.

Android Auto looks pretty awesome. Ars Technica has a full review,  While they were reviewing V1, they discovered a lot of plumbing in the software that suggest a much broader and better feature set is already on the way. 

McKinsey thought piece: “how businesses transform based on Digital marketing operations”.  (via Erin O’Hara, Blue Hive Shanghai)

We have seen the future and it is Zero UI — what happens when users no longer need any sort of screen?  Are you ready? This is a key moment for auto companies: handsfree / voice activated technology in vehicles is the epitome of Zero UI and ALSO how a lot of the world will become comfortable with it.  

Funny Stuff

Food photos are nearly entirely what makes Instagram, right?  This site shows what kinds of food get snapped the most, and where!  (via Dan Ambler, Blue Hive Melbourne). 

Speaking of Food photos, this instagram is plating junk food like Haute Cuisine.  Make sure to click through for the captions… They are hilarious, bordering on actually crazy.

A brief history of time icons

And finally, let’s examine one of the most divisive issues on the internet: Soft G or hard G for “gif”?