Fun Facts about Mark

Hi there friend! I’m Mark, and this is my website. I started Blogging in 2005 on blogspot and this blog has migrated through several identities until landing here, under my own name.

Here’s my official sounding bio:

Mark Englehart Evans is the Senior Creative Strategist for Blue Hive, the agency of record for Ford Motor Company, and a part of the WPP group.  Mark drives Blue Hive’s APAC creative digital strategy practice, that creates unique and effective consumer experiences that help Ford connect with digital consumers across APAC.

Mark joined Blue Hive after several years as an independent strategy consultant with clients across numerous industries.  Mark co-founded and operates TechYiZu, a volunteer organization pillaring the Shanghai technology and entrepreneurship communities through events and mentorship programs.  Mark is also one of many mentors for Chinaccelerator.

Mark was previously the Chief Technology Officer for the Joint US-China Collaboration on Clean Energy, a China-based environmental advocacy group. Mark has also worked for mobile applications startups, boutique research firms, restaurant groups, newspapers and a network of music instrument retailers.  Mark holds a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from Reed College in Portland Oregon.  Find him on twitter, @mark_e_evans

Basically, I like ideas and people, so I search for creative ways to present ideas to people.  Sometimes I do it for brands.

Here are some other fun facts

Timbers bike

  • My Chinese name is 马一凡,which is both a bit of a transliteration, and a quite common Chinese name, so I lucked out.
  • I would like the term musings eliminated from the internet.


Since 2005, I must be confused.