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Absinthe Mania

In high school, before good taste catches up with the mere novelty of liquor, I remember a certain misguided group of friends eschewing the high culture offerings of Prague to find a dingy tourist bar offering ‘real strong absinthe,’ which they consumed straight, hoping to feel the eyelid flutters, teeth grinding and mild neck stiffness that results from low doses of hallucinogens. Alas, all we drank was naaasty green shit.

When I was in college, a certain misguided group of friends thought that Absinthe was the bomb diggity, searching the black and grey markets and falling into every manner of internet scam trying to chase the dragon. They also drove to Canada, stoned out of their minds, and attempted to pay for the stuff with, as the dumb ass put it, ‘real money’ (as in American, not Canadian. what a tool). They would also drink anyone’s homebrew, leading to some serious claims of real hallucinatory effects, though to the unbiased observer (read: me), it looked like severe alcohol poisoning. I never really got the fuss, since my friends preferred the straight stuff.

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