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Lay It Down

Those of you who know me or my family may be aware of a generational divide over the idea of ‘music,’ which means that my brother and I, throughly educated in the arts of syncopation and the wonders of music made in, y’know, the 20th century, have our own idea of what good music is: Afro Cuban, 1960s-1970s soul and MoTown, the length and breadth of jazz, the most hardcore of hip hop and rap, the classics of Country, and the occasional So-Cal punk rock and Ska of our youth. It’s not that we don’t love Classical music, believe me when I say we know our shit when it comes to 400 years of European high culture. My brother even has a thing for Italian Opera.

Our parents, on the other hand, never get caught out of 18th and 19th century choral music. Roadtrips have always been rather, um, trying.

I bring this up because the only people whose knees don’t go weak watching this video are either (1) my mother and father, or (2) fucking dead.

I love Al Green.