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Environmental Data Transparency in China

From Baseball to Internet Entrepreneurs, to politics and elections, to movie predictions and on to basically every other industry, we are experiencing a massive increase in the use of statistics and metrics to track and evaluate performance.  This is absolutely, unequivocally a good thing, but here in China, we have a long way to go.  Environmental researcher extrordinaire and friend of the blog Angel Hsu told the English speaking world about IPE‘s new Air Quality Transparency Index for China, which is a great look into the quality and veracity of emissions data (or lack thereof) provided by city governments in China.

I touched on this issue when I analyzed 10 years of Shanghai’s Air Quality data, but Angel’s post (and the AQTI) give tremendous additional context to my post.  I Won’t ape all of Angel’s post to make my point, so go read it. There are even more troubling reports about the veracity of Chinese environmental statistics, so … Continue reading Environmental Data Transparency in China