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Booze crews #1: Basement Pub

In the words of a good, old friend of mine,

“drinking is not all I think about, my interest is purely an academic one which requires much research.”

I live in Lower Buckman, near Garlic Gulch. I recently spotted the acronym ‘LoBu’ to describe lower Burnside; despite our weekly publications’ intense desire to make Portland into a hip happening cosmopolitan city that we aren’t, I kind of like it. After all, we have a Brooklyn, a NoPo… but I’m getting off track.

the beer awards prompted the start of this series, Booze Crews, where I cover a bar I like or don’t like, and why I like it (or don’t).

First up? My Local, the basement pub. Dark, smoky, 6 good ones on tap (@ the moment: Laurelwood Free Range Red, Pike St. Kilt Lifter, Sierra Nevada, Pelican Kiwana Cream Ale, India Pelican Ale, Full Sail Amber), PBR, an array of bottles, cans and some wine I’ve never bothered to try. A refreshingly eclectic menu of cheap eats, which I suppose you could cobble into a meal, anchored by a soup of the day and a marked lack of a fryer in back. Ghetto-fabulous furnishings, a fish tank(!) excellent Jukebox, kick-ass staff, impossibly difficult pub trivia on Sundays, pinball and a vintage table-top pac-man. Happy hour gets you a giant pint (22oz? 24?) for the price of a regular (3.25 micro, 2.50 PBR) and some cheaper eats.

Downsides include the smokiness (it’s crippling at times) and on busy nights the clientele is hipsterific beyond my ability to stand. That’s it. Best local a guy like me could ask for–ok, so I wouldn’t mind a liquor license, but I think that’d kill the vibe–the gaggles of irrepressible hipsters and hipster-chicks would choke the place–with only a few wines and wyder’s pear to satisfy them, their numbers are still pretty low.