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beans are glorious

Those of you who know me know I hail from the dry, despotic land of the sonoran desert. Most people who learn this respond with one of the following:
–I’m sorry!
–it must be hot!

I accept all of these with gratitude, as the desert does suck, it is hot, and you should be sorry that people are forced to live there. The collective psychosis of those who live there and actually enjoy it is inexplicable. One question that often crossed my mind when sweating with the oldies through a june or july–more accurately, march through october– was how ancient civilizations actually fed themselves in these harsh climes. After all, there isn’t one gringo in Sonora feasting on anything grown withing 200 miles.

There is a very simple answer. beans and chiles. But not the likes of which you’ve ever seen. Check out native seeds search. Their selection of beans give a glimpse into the variety that grow in the intolerant climes of the sonoran desert. it is really quite amazing to think about how modern farming techniques have homogenized the available plants beause crop choice and genus are decided on yield.