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Podcasts I Love, part 1

Living abroad is not that hard, in my circumstances at least. Compared to the ‘moved with nothing’ immigrants who have toiled to achieve prosperity, I have it pretty damn easy. But there are still aspects of home, mostly people, who I miss.

Pile on that the absence of what has been the most reliable aspect of my life since birth, more sacred than any Worship–weekend NPR programming–I’ve found tremendous solace and comfort in podcasts.

I thought I’d share my favorite Podcasts (and my favorite episodes) with you:

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Whodathunkit? Bill Simmons vs. Mick Foley

Bill Simmons is a douchey yet extraordinarily popular writer for ESPN.com‘s Page 2, and has a short column in ESPN the Magazine.  Mick Foley killed himself night in and night out in the ring for 20 years as Cactus Jack and many other characters, and was one of the focuses of a Pro Wrestling documentary, Beyond the Mat.

They both weighed in on Mickey Rourke’s new movie The Wrestler: Simmons loves it, and writes too much. Mick Foley, who apparently has written several novels and a children’s book,  weighed in on Slate.

This is clearly a movie to see, but the surprise to me is that Foley is so much better spoken than Simmons.  Further proof that the jump from unknown blogger to famous blogger is easier than professional wrestler to novelist.  Both articles made me want to see the movie, for sure, but Foley’s calm and insightful article is a better evaluation, and a better read.