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Bourdain is going back to Les Halles…. with company

UPDATE: This Episode airs tonight (monday, 3/10) @ 7pm. It’s going to be high-larious.

Tony’s got a new blog, and in the most recent posting, there is foreshadowing of destruction:

‘…I got the bright idea to return to Les Halles, the restaurant where I spent all my waking hours before the writing and the TV thing took over. I thought to myself: “There’s an idea for a special episode! I’ll go back to the same restaurant kitchen and challenge myself to work the same station as I used to six and a half years ago. In fact; I’ll go back and work my old Tuesday double shift – where I’d work the very busy, very difficult saute station both lunch and dinner. Start prep and set-up at eight AM. Twelve noon to twelve midnight service. Let’s see if the Old Guy can still do it after all these years – even at 51 years old. Even though I was beginning to lose it BEFORE “Kitchen Confidential” hit and I got my ticket out. Even though Les Halles has expanded since I left – nearly DOUBLING in size and seating … And I’ll do this smack in the middle of the Christmas season! The busiest time of the year!! THAT sounds like a great idea – in a self-validating, quasi-delusional, I’ve-Still-Got-It, last gasp kindofa way!

And it’ll make good television!

But wait! there’s more!

“…I invited a friend along–to share the pain.

Eric Ripert is the chef of the three Michelin starred Le Bernardin in New York City. It’s easily and inarguably one of the best restaurants in America – if not the world. Eric is also a good friend, prone to making rash decisions when drinking expensive tequila. So I fed him a couple of shots, told him of my plan – and double-dared him to join me.

“C’mon, fish boy … Let’s see if you can work the busiest, most thankless, turn- and- burn grill station in New York. Do you even know how to cook meat? Have you EVER worked a place as busy as Les Halles? Have you ever worked a place where you don’t even wipe the rim of the plates? Can you handle that?”

Eric’s words were. ” It sounds like fun.” (Add French accent here) “

I can’t wait. It must be possible to have a whole hour of “bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep”
commercial for Holland America Cruise Lines

Perhaps it should be an HBO event.