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Sunday supper club #5: Bridgeport Tonsil Hockey

I’ll get this out of the way–no, I didn’t get any action.

The re-invigorated Bridgeport Brewpub re-opened recently, and the SSC crew hit it this past Sunday–an overcast, wet and warm day that happened to victimize us all, once again, by taking an hour of my life that I won’t get back until I no longer miss it.

seriously folks, I grew up sans daylight savings. I do not get it. I’m not even a great appreciator of 10pm daylight. It fucks with me.

Anyway, NW 13th and Marshall is the edge of the ever-expanding cancer that is the new revamped Pearl district, and the Bridgeport renovation is the newest addition to the high society vibe. The facility itself is a beautiful renovation, all dark wood, black laminate and steel. There are three zones–the pub, the bar and the restaurant. More than unique spaces, there are separate menus.

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