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Tales of woe from the backseat

We are two of the few people who move into an unfurnished apartment in China.  The housing system works such that every building is a condoplex, and slumlords buy up apartments and rent them, furnished, to the plebes, for massive profit.  This system has it’s benefits–no one really loses money when the system demands every 10 year old building be torn down, but it has drawbacks as well: our landlord is a real ‘see you next Tuesday.’

Shanghai Streets
Shanghai Streets

I attempted to venture to B&Q, China’s answer to Home Depot, down to the orange aprons and questionable advice from scruffy looking guys who really should know what they’re talking about.  I set out with a printed address, hoping to score some simple things: extension cords, light bulbs, vacuum bags, etc, but lo, was I to be punished.  Rule #1, anything that should be easy, isn’t.

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