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reminder folks: your baristas are aspiring writers

From the Best-o-Craigslist

“…So anyway, when you finally got my order right I asked you for an apple baba, not so hard. My phone rang while you went to get a plate, it was really important so I took it. Anyway my bf was RIGHT in the middle of telling me how cute I am when you TOTALLY interrupted to take my money. Like, was I not obviously in the middle of something? You’d think you could take a hint, like, if you tell me my total and I don’t answer you’d just wait like any polite person, but no, you like basically yelled it at me, it was so embarrassing. I wasn’t about to hang up again, okay? You’re not the only one that exists! So fine, I’ll give you your stupid money, you’re lucky I have exact change, even if I have to dig for it a bit in my enormous purse. I’m doing you a favor get over it. …

Remember folks, your servers, bartenders and baristas are often smarter and better educated than you, they just picked a liberal arts degree. Zing!