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the bacon bacon bacon cheeseburger

I’ve mentioned bacon more than once. there was the bacon birthday suit, an asinine burger and the bacon cereal.

this one, is an experiment that should start a porcine fad in every city in America.

the Bacon Bacon Cheeseburger

my favorite part? They use Light Ranch Dressing, to save on some calories.

“It was like a king cobra defending its territory, only with hot grease instead of venom. Tasty, tasty venom.”


links of good taste

pot brownies for dummies–what not to do:

step 1: confiscate a bag from some punk kids just trying to dull the pain of suburban youth.

step 2: use google to learn how to bake pot brownies.

step 3: eat too many, ignoring the warnings that abound on the internet about ingesting THC


somewhere in LA, Walter Sobcheck is Disgusted.

fuckin’ amateurs man, Fuckin’ Amateurs. I did not watch my buddies die face down in the mud….

Speaking of disgusted:

the incredible edible anus!
I hear they’re quite good after a tossed salad. clenses the palate.

you heard me. via

Happy Easter

In celebration of Easter, when Ram Ram will start drinking beer again, and lil E can have her french fries, I thought I’d write a post about the deprivation of Lent, and all that silliness. Unfortunately for you, We already got through what I had to say.

Last night on South Park, to save Stan and Kyle, a Professor blew himself up with a Microwave full of peeps to keep the evil Catholic Ninjas from getting the Hare of St Peter.

it was awesome.

so, here’s a collection of Peep torture links, so if you get your anti-easter thing on this weekend, you’ll try to get creative:

Peep Research: Peeps can smoke Camels without getting lung damage!

THE exhaustive Peep Links List

Peep torture Flickr