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It’s a dangerous underworld: Google’s Realtime Internet Attack Map

Google is leveraging its access to, and understanding of, internet traffic patterns to create a “realtime” map of internet attacks (DDOS, et al).

I imagine that the traffic flow for which Google can’t (or won’t) identify the source or destination is where the true Professionals are (governmental or otherwise), but the asymmetry of attack sources and destinations that *can be tracked* is fascinating to watch. Should we assume that those are all brazen amateurs looking for easy victims?

This blog is often getting pounded by brute force attacks and various other sorts of exploits that are typical to wordpress blogs. I don’t for a second entertain that there’s someone actually interested in the content here specifically, just the bot-army / spam opportunities of having access to yet another compromised wordpress site. But that, I suppose, is one of the take-aways: it doesn’t matter that this site averages only a few hundred hits a day, there’s more than one unknown entity that sees some value gaining access to something it is not supposed to, from the obvious passwords for financial records to the less obvious wordpress exploits that really only help black-hat SEO types increase SERP or facilitate more spam for whatever their fake/cheap pharmaceutical product might be.

Lock your stuff up, people, and practice good password etiquette. In case anyone’s wondering, I recommend Better WP Security from Bit51.