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David Lynch, Coffee Roaster and weatherman

David Lynch Coffee Beans

A friend of mine describes Lynch as: “yeah, i mean it’s not that you’re not getting it, it’s that it genuinely doesn’t make sense.” The dubiously ‘charity’ affiliated coffee is surely at least decent, but not as strange an experience as it probably should be.

I brought in the kids from VanDusen Speaks to make this as funny as it should be

Gary Grass:
You have to make the coffee wearing a high-heeled stiletto on your left foot and a gravy boat full of loose change on your right.

David Lynch Dark Roast is best enjoyed with some fresh biscotti and a wriggling, naked Laura Dern.

I only bought the Mulholland Roast for that one brew, which I drink over and over again until my leg falls asleep.

Why is this coffee so fucking suave !!! Mommyy !!!

The weather, for which Mr. Lynch looks out the window of his bounker-like office, as well as ringtones and other evidence that he is still thoroughly putting one over on all of us, are on his homepage. the most fervent evidence is obvious

I’ll say this–if i weren’t unemployed, I’d buy the $16 half pound.