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Great Moments in Useless Appliances

So there’s this contraption under our stove.  When Girlie first looked through the apartment, she understandably mistook it as an oven.

You see it there? looking all cute and oven like?

I opened it up after we moved in and noticed the racks were oddly shaped, and there were little plastic wheels–two things that roasting pans don’t need.  So I assumed it was a dishwasher, and fiddled with the controls long enough to make it turn on.  But there was no water!

It looks like a robot pirate

I called our management, and after a few weeks of asking the wrong people, we were informed today through our favorite translator, that it’s a DISH DRYER.  No, these things are not common in China: our translator was cracking up.  I took a peek in.  Yes indeed, there’s nothing but a box with a wee heater at the back.

that's a wee lil UV light there in the back

So there you have it folks, we have a fucking dish dryer.  We plan on getting a thermometer and finding out how hot it gets–Who knows? perhaps it’s the perfect low-and-slow cooker–but we wanted to share with you the brilliant over-engineering feat that is a DISH DRYER.  Thanks GE Profile, you have set the bar higher for the rest of us.