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Taste of the Taste of the Nation

subtitle: Nesting prepositional phrases = deliciousness

I’m still not sure how it happened, but somehow I got invited to the Media event preceding the Portland Taste of the Nation. Snacks and booze came from:

  • Simpatica (pate, chicken liver mousse, really good pickles and pickled celery),
  • Saint Cupcake (toasted coconut & toffee mini-cupcakes, and a chocolate with sprinkles),
  • Lovely Hula Hands (really lovely asparagus frittata with radishes, creme fraiche and other sundries) and
  • Lauro (bacon wrapped figs, roasted beet tahini salad, roasted red pepper hummus with fennel pollen pita toasts)
  • Left Coast Cellars provided some Pinot (2004 is their first vintage)
  • Widmer. No Comment. No Link.

I even got a spatula out of it. Don’t player hate! I’m as surprised as you that they invited me. The organizers are lovely people, and there were lots of people standing around like they were supposed to be there. Alas, I felt I was wearing the wrong shirt to pull that off. I brought Budget Gourmet Will and his better half: they had dressed more appropriately.

In closing, if you can afford it, go to Taste of the Nation. This is their 25th year of raising money for hunger fighting charities and helping Portland let our hair down a little, even in our fancy clothes. It’ll be delicious and it’s for a great cause.

Now, in a vain attempt to regain my street cred, here’s the trailer for:
The Dolemite Explosion

I’m sick and tired of all you motherfuckin’ Playa’ Hatas’!