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12th and Hawthorne food carts report

hey folks, your friendly neighborhood food geek keeping you updated on what’s on wheels at the corner of 12th and SE Hawthorne:

(last updated 9/2/2008)

Frozen Fantasy milkshakes and frozen bananas are still here. they were doing gangbusters last weekend, surprise surprise. have moved on.

Potato Champion is still slingin’ poutine (now available Vegan, which explains the clouds of skinny jeans surreptitiously drinking Sparxxx on the corner late night)

El Brasero is doin it’s thang, rockin’ lamb barbacoa on weekends and recently had a mixed seafood ceviche tostada as a special. They’re getting a lot of business.

Biggs Bros has passed on; the Pasta closet is now in it’s space. didn’t last much longer. The space is now vacant.

Bubba Bernie’s is setting up shop in a new looking burgundy trailer, promising catfish/shripm po boys, dirty rice, gumbo, etc. He expects to be open next week at the latest.

NEW: There’s a small shiny new cart promising BBQ still being set up. It should be operational in the next 2 weeks.

Potato Champion: New Food Cart in da hood

I love that the vacant lot on SE 12th and Hawthorne is becoming a nice food cart haven. The list is now:

  • El Brasero (they own the new white trailer parked under the billboard and are going to move el Brasero operation in there very soon),
  • Biggs Brothers Wing Co: fear the ‘stache. They operate on the Fire on the Mountain model, with many sauces. They also recently started serving pork wings. Why was I not informed pigs were flying?
  • My Sister’s Soup, which, honestly, I haven’t tried. My soup is better than my sister’s, because I don’t have a sister. I’m pretty sure my sister in law doesn’t make better soup than mine. I’ll try their soup eventually, but it just hasn’t happened yet.
  • The new Entrant: Potato Champion: Googling led me to WWeek beating the rest of us to the scoop, before there was a cart on the lot, if memory serves:

    …”local musician Mike McKinnon is opening a Belgian frietkot (a.k.a. french-fries shack) at Southeast 12th Avenue and Hawthorne Boulevard in the cart pod next to Tiny’s Coffee. Potato Champion , as McKinnon has christened his venture, will sell piping hot cones of fries with homemade ketchup, mayo, satay sauce and other dippers to late-night grease cravers (6 pm-3 am Friday and Saturday and 6 pm-1 am Sunday-Thursday). He’ll also serve poutine —the Canadian version of fries, with cheese curds ’n’ gravy.”

    mmmm… poutine. Rumor had it they were opening this past saturday, but I awoke this morning to see a note from the owner in the window. Needless to say, I’ll be checkin this greasemaster out next weekend.