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Football in China, the ultimate talent gap?

Last week we saw some very big news coincide with interesting articles examining the state of Football (not pointyball) in China.  It’s such a great moment, I have to do a massive link dump and analysis of the Nicolas Anelka coverage and the Economists’ excellent article about Chinese Football, which dropped fortuitously only days after Anelka’s signing.  JUMP!

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Footie in America

It is odd to stand tall as an American during the World Cup, when in other contexts I am not particularly proud of my Passport.

The World Cup is inherently a nationalistic endeavor. For a country that has been bad at the sport in question for most of the sport’s existence, and has most of the world somewhere between casually disgusted to fully at war against it, I am fully aware of the dry irony and awkwardness of a pub full of Americans chanting U-S-A, during a football match until we’re hoarse.

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Alexi Lalas training for the shotgun

For those of you who might be watching the MLS Cup Final this sunday, be sure to catch the pregame show.  Alexi Lalas, the Ginger haired nutter who embodies the American Soccer Ethos of failing upwards, will shotgun a can of redbull on national television. 

He’s taking his training very seriously.