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Baby Bok Choi

Girlie went on a grand business adventure to Xi’an and Chon Qing, which she summed up in this adorable bit of an email:

Could I put in a special request for comfort food and perhaps even a beer? “Comfort food” in this context would be anything home-cooked that does not involve any of the following, all of which I have eaten in the last three days: sea snails, mystery sea creatures, baby squid, gamy mutton, Thai chilies, whole fish or eels, quail eggs, copious amounts of chili oil, whole raw fish on kebabs for hotpot, three kinds of tripe in the same meal, liver balls, or shrimp in lemon curd, or meat of any sort still connected to bones or tendons.

I followed through for her and prepared to put her on a plain diet of her favorite things here: baby bok choi and noodles or  rice.  I went to the local food market which I’d found a week ago, and wandered around. Continue reading Baby Bok Choi