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Booze crews # 5– The Goodfoot

The Goodfoot is on 28th and SE Stark, not far from, well, everything, but tucked on a quiet stretch just east of Central Catholic High School. The Goodfoot is a bi-cameral institution with a large, lofty bar space upstairs and a cozy, awesome music venue (and bar) downstairs. The downstairs section hosts some of the best local music in town, with an open mic on Monday nights. Now with a well ventilated/filtered smoking section stage right, the once irrepressible smoke is not a problem. Just remember, if the music is cool, the spot is happening, you just have to ignore the 45 year old dude with a pony tail wearing tevas and socks, dancing with his baaaad self.

You can take your food from upstairs to downstairs for an extra $1, but to do that you’ve gotta shake out the whining from your ears and walk past their patio tucked between the GoodFoot and the chotchky/drugfront store next door, ’round the corner, and up the stairs into the main bar.

The first thing you notice when reaching the top of the stairs is ‘holy fuck, this bar is huge.’ The space is at least 80′ X 20′ but probably larger. It also has enough headroom to keep Sasquatch’s forehead clear of danger. The headroom also makes for the kind of art-show real estate all artists lust for–with the laid back hippie-but-not-quite-annoying-most-nights crowd, this has to be some of the most prime art-space on the east side. On my last visit, there were 5 piece shows from 9 artists decorating the walls. After all that art, there’s still time for 4 pooltables (bad slate, worse house cues, but whatever–no one serious plays on barboxes anyway) four badass pin ball machines, and tons of past, present and future show posters.

Have I mentioned I love seeing good art in drinking establishments? Well, I have now.

They have 10 or so beers on tap, most of them organic; tons of bottles for the hipsters who don’t know any better, a tiny liquor selection and some wine I’d never order.

The food is actually really tasty. On the bar food scale, they’re in the top 5% percentile for the price range, for food in general, they’re still respectable. It’s standard pub fare of sorts, with wraps of various kinds, sandwiches with funny names, a hummus plate, daily soup specials (last visit it was ‘crouching bacon hidden potato’) and some of the best fries in town–crispy, not too brown, available with garlic, Cajun or what have you.

The Happy Hour also rocks–5-9 weekdays, free pool, free (awesome) jukebox, $3 organic beer, $4 rotating food specials. Doesn’t get much better. On the weekends, when the joint downstairs is hopping, the joint upstairs is as well. A recent visit on a weekend night, I realized what I hadn’t previous: the GoodFoot has serious meat-market vibes when it’s packed. With so much space to circulate, and no dance floor, it’s a place you could make a lot of friends. I’m only guessing though, I don’t make friends, I grow on people. Like a fungus, I am–an infection.