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Environmental Data Transparency in China

From Baseball to Internet Entrepreneurs, to politics and elections, to movie predictions and on to basically every other industry, we are experiencing a massive increase in the use of statistics and metrics to track and evaluate performance.  This is absolutely, unequivocally a good thing, but here in China, we have a long way to go.  Environmental researcher extrordinaire and friend of the blog Angel Hsu told the English speaking world about IPE‘s new Air Quality Transparency Index for China, which is a great look into the quality and veracity of emissions data (or lack thereof) provided by city governments in China.

I touched on this issue when I analyzed 10 years of Shanghai’s Air Quality data, but Angel’s post (and the AQTI) give tremendous additional context to my post.  I Won’t ape all of Angel’s post to make my point, so go read it. There are even more troubling reports about the veracity of Chinese environmental statistics, so … Continue reading Environmental Data Transparency in China

My Blogroll part 4: Green China blogs!

I’ve been a heavy user of RSS since the beginning of feed readers, starting with netvibes, then on to bloglines, and for the past many years, Google Reader. In the right sidebar I have a closely curated list of my favorite websites, but those are by no means the totality of my blogroll. I’ve decided to share my blogroll, topic by topic, so people know which content I try to shove in my mind-grapes on a regular basis.

Next up: China Green blogs!

These guys work hard.

As I’ve mentioned, I work in the Green space here in China; these blogs are daily reading and help me do my job better and keep up on what is happening in this group endeavor to save the world by saving China. Continue reading My Blogroll part 4: Green China blogs!