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CRASH: how to handle a Shanghai fender bender

I didn’t really earn it, but somehow last night I ended up overbooked with awesome people. First was a delightful encounter with two¬†eminent¬†professors from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Rich. Girlie joined the party toward the end and tugged me toward Jing and a pile of super awesome Girls in Tech China organizers, supporters, well wishers and chums.

That was all super fun, until I forgot my bag, which held my Chinese homework and my laptop (amongst other things) at the GIT party. I realized it not too long after we left, and after 60 seconds of panic while I dug up Jing’s new phone number, I found out they hadn’t left, they’d spotted my backpack, and they were happy to wait for me to come get it.

Did I mention they were awesome? It’s worth saying again. Continue reading CRASH: how to handle a Shanghai fender bender