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A Sobering review of the Mid-Autumn Mooncake Economy

Today we’re just past Mid Autumn Festival, but it’s just now I write about mooncakes. I remember when I was given my first mooncake, about 5 years ago. We had some luck in that our first were full of nuts and dried fruit, or in other words, they were actually delicious. In the intervening years I’ve done my best to sample the varying types of mooncakes that I come across, usually with unappetizing results.

I’ve also noticed over the years that the act of gifting mooncakes to family and business contacts is a complex process that, from an outsider’s perspective, seems like a gargantuan waste of money. Here’s a helpful article and Infographic from ChinaFile & Tea Leaf Nation, that explains the “mooncake economy” to me:

ChinaFile infographic explains the MoonCake Economy
Just a teaser — click through to see the full infographic about the MoonCake Economy
Major international brands like Haagen Dazs (marketed in China as “fine French ice cream, by the way) offer ridiculously expensiev Mooncake packs and gift certificates along side the traditional local brands high and low.

My Blogroll part 5: Data!

I’ve been a heavy user of RSS since the beginning of feed readers, starting with netvibes, then on to bloglines, and for the past many years, Google Reader. In the right sidebar I have a closely curated list of my favorite websites, but those are by no means the totality of my blogroll. I’ve decided to share my blogroll, topic by topic, so people know which content I try to shove in my mind-grapes on a regular basis.

next up: Data!

When you google "infographic" and see a rain cloud peeing on a marshmallow, you gotta post.
When you google "infographic" and see a rain cloud peeing on a marshmallow, you gotta post.

Data manipulation, statistics and infographics are the new data hotness, and though this is ahort list, it packs a wallop of awesomeness! Continue reading My Blogroll part 5: Data!