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Las Tapas: Rare moments of peace

In Shanghai, there are rare moments of peace.  Rarer still are moments of peace that I manage to photograph well.

Las Tapas espresso
Las Tapas espresso

At Las Tapas, visiting for a late Lunch gets you a quiet, 1/3rd full restaurant and a tasty and reasonably priced set meal.  The mackerel was excellent, but skip the potato salad in favor of the soup for your starter.  Follow it with an espresso on a sunny, breezy spring day in Shanghai, and life on that quiet stretch of Maoming road feels a little slower and easier than the normal Shanghai Hustle.  Nevermind that the laurel trees block out the three boom cranes rushing up a tower behind that wall.

Las Tapas
207 Maoming Nan Lu, near Yongjia Lu
ph: +86 21 6415 9567