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Haggis is a furry little animal…

I swear to god I’m not a fan of the most awkwardly named team in the MLS, Real Salt Lake. They do have a pretty hot looking new stadium:

are those Terraces I see? Now I’m jealous, even though edge of suburbia stadia are no fun for footie.

What’s most entertaining for me is what their media department is up to. RSL media peeps are embracing viral marketing with vigor (see Party in the Back, from the Kyle and Javi show). Now witness the greatness that is two Scots in the ‘lil london shop’ in suburban Salt Lake City, spreading disinformation about England’s Canada like veteran secret agents.

“Haggis is a wee furry creature that scurries about the houses in Scotland. It’s got two long legs and two short legs, so it’s very hard to catch.”


I want to see Scot with one T Thompson showing one of our international players the Pepto bismol VooDoo donut or everyone’s favorite source for whips, Spartacus.

videos via Behind the Badge