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Dragon year & breakfast

Last year was certainly one of the most interesting of my life:

  • I got MARRIED (sorry internet, no public photos)
  • Techyizu had an amazing year of events (register for Spring Barcamp 2012 here)
  • After 2 years of service to the environmental NGO JUCCCE (peep their new website!), I’ve left to freelance and look for new challenges.
  • I received a really bad-ass bike as a stag-party gift from my dear friends.  How awesome?  this awesome.
  • I studied some Chinese, spent time with amazing people from all around the world, visited Hong Kong, Vietnam, Chengdu, Beijing, Tucson, Portland and San Francisco.

The year of the dragon has begun, and we’ve taken these pseudo-vacation days as opportunities to do some house cleaning, fun cooking and goal setting.  We’re really excited for this year!  Goals for this year include

  • Serious Gym and exercise time whenever possible
  • Pass the HSK5
  • Positive career moves!
  • Blog more!
  • Travel more and blog about it!
  • Eat a proper breakfast every morning.  We got started immediately:

salmon on toast with poached egg. once an egg jockey always an egg jockey.


Best of luck in your Dragon year, and thanks for reading!  More articles about life in China, the Energy/Sustainability scene, and random detritus coming soon!

Pardon the Dust, or Eat it

Howdy Folks!  Things will be changing a bit around here, because I hightailed it out of PDX for the new challenge that is Shanghai, China.  I’ll be here for a while with girlie, and I’ll be blogging as best I can, you can buhleeee’ dat.

I’ve already seen some amazing feats of architecture, had a cabbie fall asleep at the wheel, eaten my first dumplings and joined up with the Shanghai twitterverse.  We’re in temporary housing and it’s much colder than I anticipated (the housing AND the weather).  Our bastard international movers packed all our guidebooks and phrasebooks when we weren’t looking, so our first weekend has been dedicated to replacing them, which is a bit like trying to cook one-handed (I have some experience with that).

And PDXers, don’t believe for a minute I won’t be watching: I still hope to watch and blog all the Timbers matches via USLLive, and we hope to visit at least once or twice this year.

For a little plumbing, all posts regarding Portland will be added to the Stumptown category, and the new Shanghai category will hold all the new stuff I write about here, until I rename it for a cheeky nickname, as that would be needless but funny.

In closing, Shanghai people, Howdy!  There’s a new gunslinger in town, hat and bolo tie at the ready.  I will eat my way through this city with vigor and aplomb.  I eagerly accept recommendations.  I will root for your football team and learn Mandarin as fast as I can.

To PDX peeps, keep my seat warm, and do your part to drink my share of the beer.  Keep Obama honest and don’t let any of my favorite restaurants close.  I’ll be seeing y’all later, bitches.

kitchen injuries

I get hurt. A lot. I’m decrepit considering my age, with bum joints, scars aplenty and numb skin from errors long past and recent.

I also work in a kitchen. Thus, as one can imagine, I’m slapping on a bandage and a finger condom more often than I’d like. What’s interesting, or perhaps just fucking strange, is that I never cut myself with a knife. I think it’s my body’s supreme desire to be esoteric in all ways: if i’m going to get injured, It’s going to be interesting. The major culprit? the Dishwasher. no, I’m not getting repeatedly attacked by a slightly slow, fould tempered, mullet sporting 80s throwback named Billy Jim (not at this job, at least), I’m losing knuckles to sharp edges on our Jackson. Right now I have matching wounds on each of my thumbs. all 5 of them. Mirror images. phooey.

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the NBA draft, the Timbers, and why I'm not posting

Forgive me folks, this is barely food related, and I doubt any of the frequent visitors to this site will care a lick about this post, but…

I swore off the NBA after the Suns clearly demonstrated that the NBA was not only fixed, but fixed by idiots. Yet, here I am, on my day off, waiting for the NBA draft to start. I’m about to lose a $5 bet with a dear friend, but she doesn’t read this, so perhaps I can save my scant dollars until she presses the issue.

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