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“Worst Air Ever: Shanghai hit with a dust storm

Shanghai Dust Storm
It was worse this morning
Shanghai is suffering the first dust-storm of my career here. They are exceedingly rare, apparently, but our lungs hurt. Looks like it’s time to update my pollution graphs. From the People’s Daily today:

A sandstorm which hit Shanghai on the first two days of May has significantly increased the level of respirable particles in the city and made Shanghai one of the most polluted city in the country, with Shanghai’s air pollution index 87 points higher than that of the runner-up on May 2.

Shanghai seemed to be covered with a grey lid on May 2. The air was full of dust, leading to poor visibility. The buildings in the city proper looked vague in the dust, and the cars parked outside were covered with a thick layer of dust.

The Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center (SEMC) said that as the sea wind blew the dust back to Shanghai, the city’s respirable particulate matter index rose to 500 at 4 a.m. on May 2, and the air pollution in the city reached “severe” levels. According to a diagram drawn by the SEMC, Shanghai has been in “severe” air pollution levels for the past two days.