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Screen Door: tranny biscuits and man-crushes

Screen Door Restaurant
2337 E Burnside St
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 542-0880

I’d been to the Screen Door once or twice over the years (they opened in 2006, I believe), but the brunch had eluded me, as I’ve been eating at Genies way too much, and I tend to stick to what I know when it comes to breakfast. I’ve described adventurous breakfasting as the sport of ‘extreme waiting’, and when there aren’t a lot of truly unique places to visit, I tend not to step too far out of the ordinary. Ok, fuck it, I’m lying. I’ve had rotating mini-crushes on various Genie’s employees over the years, to the point that going there has become kind of automatic.

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Hit the brunch with Miss Lady on Sunday.

the space is just off Killingsworth, diagonal from the Northside Cup and Saucer location. We were seated by the window so I often found myself chewing slowly, staring at the crowds waiting outside, counting the open tables in Autentica and wondering what was so damn appealing about C&S. To be fair, I haven’t been to the NE location, but still–Autentica is fucking delicious.

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Dalo's Kitchen

Dalo’s Kitchen is inside some sort of county multiple use building, low slung and concrete bricks painted grey and pink, that bring back memories of high schools. They’ve managed to make their little section (room 207a) into an attractive enough space, considering. There’s a freshly constructed bar in the corner of the second room, as well as a TV serving little more purpose than distraction.

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Aladdin's Cafe redux

I first checked this joint out moons ago after local food bloggers of stations higher than mine raved on and on about it.

Suffice to say that my first trip was underwhelming. I’ve not bothered to trek out there to try again, since I had La Villa a short jog away, allowing me to sate my appetite for falafel in minutes. Alas, my beloved La Villa closed, and I found myself hungry for falafel while out riding my bike on the north side, so i made a b-line for the cafe to get myself some mid-ride lunch.

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