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Huzzah!  The only obstacle left is whether the Great Firewall and my internet connection are going to let me watch the mighty mighty PTFC.

Hi Mr. Witkowicz

I’m sure you get tons of email regarding the status of USL Live for next season, but I just relocated from Portland to Shanghai China, and I’m now very interested in USL Live for the 2009 season.  Missing an occasional away game didn’t used to bother me, but now I can’t go to the home games!

What is the current status of USL Live for next year?  Will you be up and running for the 2009 season? My Timbers games depend on you!


He got back to me!

Hi Mark –

Greetings from halfway across the world! Just to give you a little background… USL Live was operated by PlayOn! – a division of Turner Broadcasting.  The division opened in 2007, however, Turner Broadcasting made the decision during this past season to close their PlayOn! division effective at the end of the 2008 campaign. PlayOn! was created as sort of a testing grounds for their technology and we were brought on board for this purpose. Basically, it left us in open water trying to find a replacement service, which we are in the final stages of doing. I cannot confirm all preseason matches will be covered due to the turnaround time but regular season games are on.

We’ll most likely keep the same domain name as we’ve built a brand with USL Live. I’ll let you know what we come up with. Any questions let me know.

Seth Witkowicz
United Soccer Leagues


Green Dragon changing hands

First reported on BrewPublic and currently coursing through the PDX Twitterverse, the Green Dragon, Portland’s new but favorite institution for great beer, is being sold to Rogue Brewery.

Rogue’s lawyer requested a retraction of the initial report at BrewPublic, but the information they refute is in conflict with information I heard directly from two current Green Dragon Employees.  I don’t need the Attorney General of Rogue Nation crawling up my ass about it, but suffice to say that if the Rogue organization is correct in their specific refutations of the initial report, they’re sure as hell not telling the employees what’s going on.

Nothing is completely final, as minority owner Lolo Bruns wasn’t in on the deal with Rogue and may have an opportunity to make a counter-offer.

sad news for all.

the NBA draft, the Timbers, and why I'm not posting

Forgive me folks, this is barely food related, and I doubt any of the frequent visitors to this site will care a lick about this post, but…

I swore off the NBA after the Suns clearly demonstrated that the NBA was not only fixed, but fixed by idiots. Yet, here I am, on my day off, waiting for the NBA draft to start. I’m about to lose a $5 bet with a dear friend, but she doesn’t read this, so perhaps I can save my scant dollars until she presses the issue.

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new discoveries

new discoveries I’d like to share with the internet:

Uno: Adding pictures of Christiano Ronaldo to your blog will mak your visits spike on Manchester United match days. Tagging the photos with Ronaldo el Guapo will ensure the spike comes from spanish speaking countries only.

Zwei: There is a certain segment of the American population that will eat anything if you tell them it is good for them. This segment is larger than you think, and apparently, quite wealthy. Said segment is still smaller than the group who will eat anything if you tell them it’s free, and quite a bit smaller than the group that will eat anything you tell them is made of Pork.

Theen: Nu Cafe (621 SE Morrison):


I haven’t been yet. The hours make me think it’s a one man band.

Okune: El Brasero (NE corner of 12th and SE Hawthorne):


As of May 18th, they’re not yet operational. then again, it’s 9 am, so perhaps they’re simply not open yet.

Fem: David Stern has now replaced George Steinbrenner as my most hated rich talentless gringo in professional sports. WANKER!!!!

Soqta: Great weather and Timbers games make a cocktail of vicarious sports heroics unmatched eslewhere in my life.

that is all.

Oh, and there is a prize for whomever can name the source languages for my numbers (each one is different, natch) without resorting to random googlin’

La Villa

La Villa, my favorite falafel stand run by Brazilians, has been sold.

3/10/07 UPDATE
This is a cam-phone picture of the note on the door.

to save you the squinting:


La Villa Restaraunt has been sold. Thank you to all our customers who have been suporting us all these years. We will miss you very much. Thank you again.


Meire, Zayde, and Yasmine Awsem.

I speak fo my neighbors, my roomates and many others when I say they will be missed. I am extremely sad to see them go. They were fresh Pita away from being the best east side Lebanese food by leaps and bounds. The Brazilian flavor just made it all the better.


Looking to the future, this was posted on the window as well:

According to public records obtainable at 12:20 am on a weekend, Purgatory LLC was formed on Januray 23th, 2007, and has Stephen Blackman as it’s registered agent. Mr. Blackman is a well known business lawyer in zee food biz, as I understand. Looks like a full license application, so we’ll all be waiting with bells on as close-in Morrison starts liquoring up in preparation for the Central Lanes development to complete.