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Nomore.org may be more of a sham than I even imagined

Earlier this week I posted about a really powerful Super Bowl commercial, because it came from an interesting source and seemed to represent a halting, half-assed but nevertheless an attempt from the NFL to, y’know, stop being a disgrace.  Well, shit.

It’s a triumph of advertising doublespeak, created to color-code another month and diversify “cause-themed” product lines from major brands.  Nomore.org is not, in any way I can understand, designed to impact to the people they offer to protect and support.  It’s advertising gone wrong in so many fundamental ways.  There’s a startling lack of empathy for victims of domestic violence in the way Nomore.org describes itself, its purpose and mission.  It sounds a bit sociopathic, honestly.

The most damning statement is actually from the top comment, and it is SPOT ON:

And what’s the benefit of the NFL going with a cipher of a branding scheme, rather than with an actual nonprofit that does work or raises money? Seems pretty obvious: No More allows the NFL almost complete freedom to brand itself as deeply invested in women’s issues.

To the NFL—even in this thing that seemed impossible to fuck up—everything is merely image.

What. The. Fuck.   Doesn’t take away from the ad itself — it’s good, powerful work — but those who got it on air appear to be questionably motivated, at best.

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I don’t think i’ve ever consumed that much beer without becoming intoxicated. It must have been the food:

Bagels! This batch didn’t turn out as well as it could have, which I attribute to two things: my inexperience with the fresh cake yeast I conned out of the bakery @ New Seasons, and my mistaken removal of the dough from the fridge prior to baking. they were devoured, however, and there are a dozen left to cook tonight.

Pizza! This batch also wasn’t the best, probably because of yeast as well. And a little overkneading.

red lentil soup: I think i’ve mastered the red lentil–this soup turned out perfectly, and I believe it is because i let the lentils soak in cold water for an hour before i made the soup. perfect lentils, perfect soup.
8 c. red lentils
2 white onions, fine dice
1 large leek, halved, shreadded
1 can tomato paste
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 tbsp gound cumin
1 tbsp garam masala
1 green cardmom pod
3 dry catalina peppers
6 teenage carrots, in matchsticks

sweat onion and carrots
add peppers, leaks and garlic
when soft, add sufficient water for cooking lentils (about 12-16 cups) and ground spices
remove from heat and let cool
add washed lentils, let sit for an hour
bring to a boil, reduce to med/med low, stir occasionally until done (around 30minutes)
great salsa, courtesy of the Vinter.

guacamole, courtesy of A&M records. (Avocado and My Mocaljete). Avocados, the juice of one lemon, sea salt and one white onion, finely minced. simple, effective. James Beard brought guacomole to the United States in the early 1960s, calling it ‘mantequilla de pobre‘or ‘poor man’s butter.’ While I do enjoy the gussied up, half salsa/half avocado guacomoles that abound, I tend to keep mine simple.

Hummus. I make good hummus. The tahini sold at the food co-op here in SE Portland is really tasty. chickpeas+tahini+lemon+garlic+salt, add olive oil for a little smoothness

Lindsey made chicken, which was inhaled.

Members of my former band brought chili, which by all accounts was delicious.

I’m not hungover today at all, but my stomach is a little worse for wear. This isn’t a sports blog, but that super bowl was sabotaged by poor officiating. Not to say that the seahawks would have won–dropped passes, clock mismanagement and a porous defense were problems too–but there were 4 calls that absolutely destroyed the game. I hate it when officiating determines outcome.