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new discoveries

new discoveries I’d like to share with the internet:

Uno: Adding pictures of Christiano Ronaldo to your blog will mak your visits spike on Manchester United match days. Tagging the photos with Ronaldo el Guapo will ensure the spike comes from spanish speaking countries only.

Zwei: There is a certain segment of the American population that will eat anything if you tell them it is good for them. This segment is larger than you think, and apparently, quite wealthy. Said segment is still smaller than the group who will eat anything if you tell them it’s free, and quite a bit smaller than the group that will eat anything you tell them is made of Pork.

Theen: Nu Cafe (621 SE Morrison):


I haven’t been yet. The hours make me think it’s a one man band.

Okune: El Brasero (NE corner of 12th and SE Hawthorne):


As of May 18th, they’re not yet operational. then again, it’s 9 am, so perhaps they’re simply not open yet.

Fem: David Stern has now replaced George Steinbrenner as my most hated rich talentless gringo in professional sports. WANKER!!!!

Soqta: Great weather and Timbers games make a cocktail of vicarious sports heroics unmatched eslewhere in my life.

that is all.

Oh, and there is a prize for whomever can name the source languages for my numbers (each one is different, natch) without resorting to random googlin’