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Farmers Market Free For All: Peoples' Farmers' Market

Portland has access to a wealth of great produce, from Sauvie Island fruit to Strawberry Hills Beef, 42nd Street CSA boxes to at least 6 weekly farmers markets in greater Portland. In my current state of disrepair, unemployment and generally friendly malaise, Farmers’ markets have been a welcome distraction.

Peoples’ Co-op Farmers Market
Crunchier than Thou, but friendlier too
3029 SE 21st
Every Wednesday, year-round

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The Peoples Co-op is on SE 21st and Tibbetts, between Division and Powell. Peoples’ is as crunchy co-op as you get: they throw solstice parties, there are naked children and hippie music, handwriting analysts (and not in the CSI sense), and reaching through a group of people to load up on bok choy might land you in the center of discussion about how spiritual playing the tabla can be.

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