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Some great photos of China by bike

Back in April my friends Tyler, Jeff, Drew & MMC from Factory 5 took internet-famous bike-blogger & photagrapher Prolly is not Probably and the Mission Workshop founders on some long-ass rides around the Yangtze river valley (so… Shanghai and the bits around it).

John’s posted a lot about that trip, but in what I can only imagine was a year-end “inbox zero” push, he just put up some last photos of the journey which I think are great. This one’s my favorite. I call it “Venus de Trash Heap”.

Venus de Trash Heap photo by John Prolly from Prollyisnotprobably.com
Venus de Trash Heap photo by John Prolly from Prollyisnotprobably.com

Gulf of Mexico vs. Dalian

BP Oil rig Deepwater Horizon, which sounds a lot like a Bruce Willis movie co-starring Samuel EL Jackson, explodes and catches fire April 20th, 2010.

Boston.com BP Oil Spill photos
Boston.com BP Oil Spill photos

April 20th, 2010. As of this post, there is a response website, and some sort of prayer of a cap on the well. Tons of evil sounding damage control tactics have been snagged (or rumored); opportunistic punchlines have been produced. My favorite American city I’ve never visited, which was already so beaten & smacked around it is starring in a TV series about how downtrodden it is, has been smacked down again (plus hundreds of surrounding communities of humans, birds, fish, mammals and reptiles).

China, was a bit, well, shocked at the apathy of the governments and executives involved. Yacht races? 真的吗?Really? There was even funny satire about how China might cope with something similar. Here’s the audio version.

Boston.com Dalian Oil Spill photos

Well, BOOM.

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Cocktail Coquetry #1: The Vintage Slip

In line with continuing occasional series here at T&C, like Booze Crews and the now retired Sunday Supper Club, I’m introducing a new series, Cocktail Coquetry, in which I share new cocktail recipes developed by me or in my presence. Cocktails are relatively new to me, but local mixology-obsessed places like Teardrop Lounge, Clyde Common and the pending Beaker and Flask, all these new artisan distilleries and friends now sharing their sizable bitters collections have found me in the presence of good cocktail makings, beyond my usual liquor + ice.

The first cocktail to be posted here is so named for the attractive backdrop in the photos. Invented at a weekend brunch, the Vintage Slip is a delicious addition to the battery of brunch drinks, and, dare I say, slightly less ghetto than a Brass Monkey.

The Vintage Slip undresses for you after he jump.

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Potato Champion: New Food Cart in da hood

I love that the vacant lot on SE 12th and Hawthorne is becoming a nice food cart haven. The list is now:

  • El Brasero (they own the new white trailer parked under the billboard and are going to move el Brasero operation in there very soon),
  • Biggs Brothers Wing Co: fear the ‘stache. They operate on the Fire on the Mountain model, with many sauces. They also recently started serving pork wings. Why was I not informed pigs were flying?
  • My Sister’s Soup, which, honestly, I haven’t tried. My soup is better than my sister’s, because I don’t have a sister. I’m pretty sure my sister in law doesn’t make better soup than mine. I’ll try their soup eventually, but it just hasn’t happened yet.
  • The new Entrant: Potato Champion: Googling led me to WWeek beating the rest of us to the scoop, before there was a cart on the lot, if memory serves:

    …”local musician Mike McKinnon is opening a Belgian frietkot (a.k.a. french-fries shack) at Southeast 12th Avenue and Hawthorne Boulevard in the cart pod next to Tiny’s Coffee. Potato Champion , as McKinnon has christened his venture, will sell piping hot cones of fries with homemade ketchup, mayo, satay sauce and other dippers to late-night grease cravers (6 pm-3 am Friday and Saturday and 6 pm-1 am Sunday-Thursday). He’ll also serve poutine —the Canadian version of fries, with cheese curds ’n’ gravy.”

    mmmm… poutine. Rumor had it they were opening this past saturday, but I awoke this morning to see a note from the owner in the window. Needless to say, I’ll be checkin this greasemaster out next weekend.