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The Basketball Jones

“…. wait, I know how this ends–A midget impregnates a really big white woman.” –J.E. Skeets

The Basketball Jones is an NBA podcast that’s been ‘on the air’ for two years as of Friday. I’ve been on board since the first episode. they’re hilarious and about as educated as any ESPN pundit.

Tas Melas : J.E. Skeets :: Carl Reiner : Mel Brooks.

It’s like listening to your friends argue about basketball, except, well, they’re smarter than your friends.

1. I still have the award for most profane email read on the podcast (something about the world fellating LeBron James, ca. May 2006)

2. Listening to two Canadians trying to sing the American National Anthem at 6am on the fly.

3. Wanker of the Week. yaaaaaayyyyyy.

4. Playoff shows and season previews with guest bloggers from around the interwebs. It’s nice to learn that your favorite NBA bloggers sound as nerdy and white as you imagined.

5. Realizing that betting against Tas’ picks will pay off my student loans by 2009.

The most amazing thing, perhaps, is the boys do the show 5 fucking times a week at the ass crack of dawn for free. So check it out ya’ll. My NBA cocktail is now 2 parts Basketball Jones, 1 part Kelly Dwyer, a splash of Charles Barkley and Tonic. it’s delicious, nutritious and ESPN free. mmmmmm basketball cocktails.