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Inspiring reads: Mobility, Innovation, Disruption and heart

(every few weeks I contribute to a short newsletter for my blue hive colleagues about cool things in digital.  this is my most recent article)

I’ve been traveling a lot recently, so instead of a cohesive point of view about a topic in Digital, I’m sharing the raw materials: here’s some great articles, podcasts, websites and videos that have inspired me in the past few weeks:

Mobile is eating the world:  100 years ago, Trains were the innovative technology transforming the world.  That’s right, Trains.  Benedict Evans takes us through what it means for a technology to transform life, and how Mobile technology has surpassed “technology” and is more like “trains”, that is: irreplaceable, fundamental infrastructure for modern life.  DROP EVERYTHING AND WATCH this  video of Ben Speaking at a WSJ event about the year ahead on the internet.

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Podcasts I Love, part 1

Living abroad is not that hard, in my circumstances at least. Compared to the ‘moved with nothing’ immigrants who have toiled to achieve prosperity, I have it pretty damn easy. But there are still aspects of home, mostly people, who I miss.

Pile on that the absence of what has been the most reliable aspect of my life since birth, more sacred than any Worship–weekend NPR programming–I’ve found tremendous solace and comfort in podcasts.

I thought I’d share my favorite Podcasts (and my favorite episodes) with you:

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