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Portland Timbers are something special

I used to write about the timbers, and though I only had two or so seasons of significant participation in the Timbers Army (I consider myself only ‘away for a bit’) I’m proud of all they do. Watch the video and spread the love.

I’m excited for home playoff match against Seattle. No doubt there are sleepless Army people creating TIFO as we speak. Rose City ’til I Die, if only by allegiance and not presence.

edit: replaced the embedded video with one that, y’know, works. Sort your media out, MLS

My Blogroll part 9: Football (meaning soccer)

I’ve been a heavy user of RSS since the beginning of feed readers, starting with netvibes, then on to bloglines, and for the past many years, Google Reader. In the right sidebar I have a closely curated list of my favorite websites, but those are by no means the totality of my blogroll. I’ve decided to share my blogroll, topic by topic, so people know which content I try to shove in my mind-grapes on a regular basis.

next up: Football (soccer)!!!

I’ve been a die-hard fan of the Portland Timbers for many years, and I regret the few years I was in Portland but wasn’t a fan. While I’ll happily watch a match from any corner of the world, I don’t follow any team but the Timbers closely. However, being an American footie fan is a bit more complicated because we have to, for lack of a better phrase, root for the sport in general. I keep up on the MLS, lower leagues in the US and the US Men’s National Team players wherever they are. The United States is lucky to have a pile of excellent Football writers as well, so check it out!
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