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Vegan Strip Club

Okay, so I’ve gotten emails from a bunch of people outside the PDX about this guy ‘Mr. Diablo’ and his vegan strip club in NW portland, because there’s a story about it story in the NYTimes.

What wasn’t mentioned is that this asshole tried to have a normal ‘Pirate themed’ vegan restaurant for a little less than a year before he realized that his food was the quality often served in strip clubs (A-crop not included), so he might as well throw some titties up there and complete the package. I commented about this on a local food board, and I think I covered the issue pretty succinctly. I now have the distinct pleasure of quoting myself.

“Mr. Diablo? further proof that most vegans don’t realize their cocaine is cut with powdered milk. what a giant douche nozzle. He’s going to miss everything and die angry.

this guy, and vegan activism in general, is why most people I know who eat a vegan diet refuse to identify as such. the word has been sullied by assholes.”

yeah yeah, I stole another line from Patton Oswalt. I’m just not that funny on my own. Anyway, it pains me that this guy bullshits his way into a vaunted tome of journalism *cough*Jayson Blair*cough*.

In closing, Fuck you, Mr. Diablo. Get the fuck out of PDX. Go bathe in vegan lube and eat your Quorn products elsewhere.