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Neuroscientist Discovers he’s a sociopath….

… and tells a wonderful story about the challenge of self-realization, from the perspective of someone who understands the brain from both sides: the scientist and the person.

I love a good story that ends in the middle. Story told by the main charachter, without a proper resolution, without a moral lesson, that leaves you wondering how they really made out in the end.
From the World Science Festival, found via Reddit

I for one welcome our robot (tennis) overlords

So more like beach paddle sports, but how cool:

Possible applications, coming to a Skymall catalog near you!

  • Robo-paparazzi
  • Robo-paddle sport practice partners
  • hovering coasters
  • Construction assistant (especially for vertical construction, like scaffolding, etc)
  • Rock Climbing rescue/food delivery.
  • How long until I have hover boots?

In Summary, OMG ROBOTS ARE AWESOME please don’t kill me I’m useful!